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Fuel Flow, Fuel Level, Fuel Press, Oil Press, Oil Temp, EPR, Volts, Amps, OAT, TAT, AOA, Diff Air Press, Cabin Press, O2 Press, Hyd, Press, Bleed Air Temp and others.


(FAA TSO’d & 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag Provided)

Our two inch instruments provide exceptional performance, reliability and features; a design driven by over 38 years of experience. If you need to replace or overhaul an old failing instrument, consider buying one of our new instruments designed with the latest digital technology and offered at an exceptionally low price! We’re able make this offer with a money-back guarantee because we’re confident you’ll love the performance, reliability and features these instruments offer.


* Size: Two inch standard round (MS28042-1A mount), 4.23” Long
* Weight: 0.3 Lbs.
* Power: 6 to 55 Volts, 0.075 Amps @ 28V (Typical).
* Connector: DB-15
* Environmental: DO-160G
* Software: Designed and Documented to DO-178C, Level C
* FAA Certified to TSO: -C43c, -C44c, -C45b, -C47a, -49b, -C55a
* Display: 210o Analog Arc and a Digital Display with 4 Digits
* Markings: Custom Faceplate
* Dimming: Auto (electric eye, standard) and Manual (optional)
* Data Recording: 1,000+ hour at 1 sec. per record for trend analysis and logging exceedances
(only available on TR-1P Premium Package)
* Rugged and reliable design (unlike many old needle gauges).
* Optional RS-232 input and output port to interface with EEC’s, FADEC’s and other devices
* Custom calibration (mapping) for unparalleled accuracy.
* Optional two open-collector (pull-down) for controlling external warning lights or props
(0.1 Amps max)
* Optional ARINC 429 compatible via the BC-5.

TR-1P (Premium Package)

* 3-year warranty.
* No risk, 3 month money-back guarantee
* 1000+ hours of recording at 1/3 second per record
* Priority service on warranties and orders
* Free overnight shipping on warranties and orders
* Warranties handled by providing an exchange unit
* Spare printed faceplates with your aircraft’s markings will be held in stock
* Spare blank units will be held in stock
* 8130-3 airworthiness approval tag provided
* Exchange the unit(s) for an MVP-50T within one year and get full credit on unit(s) purchased

* TR-1P-XX: (fill out the TR-1 Worksheet)
***Introductory Price: $1,485.00!

TR-1 Package

* 1 year warranty.
* No Risk, 3 month money-back guarantee.
* 8130-3 airworthiness approval tag provided.
* TR-1-XX: (fill out the TR-1 Worksheet).
***Introductory Price: $985.00!

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