Name: Peter Larkam

I just received four of your LED annunciators and I really like the small red connectors (OLC-1) you included. I will be using lots of those connectors for my panel wiring. A very clever and clean solution.

Name: Dana Akers
Model: N9272T

I purchased an R-1-6 Tach this spring. I thought I was having an intermittent display issue with it and worked with Lamont and Daniel, both of whom were very helpful. To make a long story short, the EI R-1-6 was working properly and the initial isolators were and are fine. The EI gauge was picking up a slight and intermittently grounded p-lead from it’s shield at the mag end. Jiggling things caused the intermittent ground to become complete. Your gauge was displaying an early indication of a problem and caused me to investigate and find this dangerous condition on the ground rather than in the air. Thank You!

Name: Don Gandy, Texas
Model: N410EK

I just wanted to let you know ho amy first cross country went with the new unit. My CHG and EGT were well within acceptable ranges. The surprising part was the amount of fuel I saved on the trip. Just being able to see the gph. As well as the hp% mixed with the CHT-EGT temp. And the leaning technique. I was able to save about 11 gallons of fuel on a 34 hour cross country. In Texas that’s almost 70 bucks right there. First trip out. Still learning and will still perfect it. But WOW.
Thanks again.

Name: Paul Gould, Webbers Falb, Oklahoma
Model: UBG-16 | Cessna T188C

This is the 3rd UBG-16 analyzer that has been installed on an aircraft we utilize in our company. We are very pleased with the performance of the first 2 aircraft and look forward to operating the 3rd aircraft this UBG-16 system. We expect excellent results as with our other aircraft.

Name: Kyle Jones | Lewisburg, WO
Model: UBG-16 | Cessna 177B

We chose EI because the cardinal flyers online members forum all rave about your customer service.

Name: Seth Martin | Palmyra, PA
Model: MVP-50P | Cessna 177 RG

I chose the MVP-50P over the competition because it offered more customization over the JPI 930. We like the ability to set caution ranges for various parameters. We also liked the visual display better than JPI.

Name: Jonathan Buss | Clackamas, OR
Model: FP-5L | PA-18 – 180 Top Cub

Nice to see fuel burn/flow and with the auxiliary circuit I have the ability to monitor carb temperature as well. Having an accurate fuel gauge should be mandatory on any pilots safety wish list for upgrading or new aircraft!

Name: Frank Wilson | Merrimack, NH
Model: MVP-50P | PA46 – 310P

We liked the # of sensors possible, the remote EDC mounting (we have a pressurized airplane) and the checklist feature. The higher sample rate and increased emory storage were also key features.

Name: George Anaraos | Northville, MI
Model: MVP-50P | Bananza F33A

EI’s tech support is excellent and respond quickly. Both Daniel and Tyler were very responsive and helpful.

Name: Craig Hanson | Harris Saskatchewan, Canada
Model: CGR-30P | Cessna 172M

The product was configured “Just Right” for my application. Complete engine instrument upgrade at lowest cost.

Name: Zeb Scott | Baker City, OR
Model: OPT-1 | PA-18-150

We installed this on a customers aircraft. The customer loves it. Says it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Says the toggle switch for pressure/temp is a great and user friendly feature.

Name: Jim Hefner | Oro Valley, AZ
Model: Grumman AA-5A

The FP-5L is an awesome looking instrument – looks high quality and will look great in the panel of my AA-5A. I can’t wait to get it installed! The info it provides will be invaluable on long x/c trips.

Name: Chuck Burton | Los Angeles, CA 90056
Model: CHT

Works very well. Found that my engine is more well balanced than I had thought. Also found out that the cylinder with the hottest CHT is different than the cylinder with the original CHT probe. Good customer support was the primary reason (for purchase).

Name: Michael Padisak | Flushing, MI
Model: Cherokee 180, Aeronca Champ

In talking with Matt Sharp, I found him truly helpful and curteous. What a pleasure to know customer service still does matter with your company. Keep up the good work!
I had read exstensively online, and pilots and mechanics all had many good things to say about your products, particularly the way you treat customers. Good job!

Name: Cessna Pilots Society | Dorset, VT
Model: All Cessna Aircraft

On behalf of the Cessna Pilots Society Board of Directors, I wanted to express our thanks for your ongoing friendship, and the support of our 2010 Fly-In. Your gift…certainly ‘wowed’ the crowd and made a lucky member very happy.
The gift of your steadfast friendship is even more appreciated. Thank you, Matt!

Name: Nicholas A. Baine | Enon, OH
Model: Cessna 182

We spoke with others who purchased products from you and your competitors. The responses were so positive regarding your customer service. Customer service means a lot to me and is the reason that we chose your product.

Name: John Jeffery | Medicine Hat, AB | CANADA
Model: Pitts S-2C

The depth of utility of your MVP, your willingness to stand on your own reputation (and not put the competition down), and that little fish in the corner.

Name: Karl Braun | Fiarbanks, AK
Model: PA-28-180

Past experience with your products & company has always been positive. Customer Service/Sales Personnel are very knowledgeable …keep up the good work!

Name: David Carpenter | Berea, KY
Model: Globe Swift

I now have a complete set of EI engine gauges. They work well and are easy to use. …the best in the market!

Name: Stephen Wilson | Granbury, TX
Model: Swift

We currently have a six-pack in our 210 HP Swift and love it.

Name: John Siebold | Boise, ID
Model: RV-7

Superior customer service.

Name: Daniel Denig | Albuqerque, NM
Model: Mooney M20F

Thank you for being so helpful and kind whenever we call and have a question. Everyone we have ever talked to has always been so nice and considerate.

Name: John Siebert | Anchorage, AK
Model: Cessna 182P

Your instruments were recommended by other pilots and Merrill Field Instruments.

Name: Gene Cash | Edgewood, TX
Model: Lancair Legacy

Nice people to deal with …instrument heads were well designed …probes installed niceley.

Name: Richard Kreufsky | Fairbanks, AK
Model: Cessna 180

I have had several of your products in the past, and you have always taken care of any problems right away. You have a good reputation.

Name: Richard Johnson | Elbert, CO
Model: UBG-16

I purchased a UBG-16 and FP-5L during Sun N Fun. I was considering the JPI, but upon talking with several vendors, pilots, and your staff, I chose the UBG-16.

Name: Robin Hill | Shepherd, MT
Model: Beech S35

EI has great customer service. All my questions were answered fully and quickly.

Name: Timothy Benham | Enid, OK
Model: Cessna 152

This is the 3rd plane we have installed the EC-1 EGT/CHT in. Great tool for knowing engine performance. Great value, easy install.

Name: Tony Anderson | Pembroke Pines, FL
Model: Cessna 172K

Great reputation for customer service!

Name: Rod Mathesen | Orovada, NV
Model: Cessna 182H

Service from Matt and Dave was excellent!

Name: Danny Hill | Mt Sterling, KY
Model: Cessna 402

Good company, easy to work with.

Name: Dr. Michael P. Tomaro | Franklin, WI
Model: Beechcraft 35-A33

The instrument is excellent in every way!