→ FAA TSO’d Replacement Instrument

→ Standard 2″ Mount

→ Reliable, Accurate & Dependable

→ Data Recording Available

→ Custom Faceplate to Match Your Limits

→ 3-Month Money-Back Guarantee

TR-1-ITT Replacement Instrument

The TR-1-ITT (Inter Turbine Temperature) instrument is configured to interface with a Type-K thermocouple probe. The TR-1-ITT incorporates a map which is used to compensate for nonlinearities in the voltage vs temperature curves of the probe. This instrument has exceptional performance, reliability and features; a design driven by our 40+ years of experience. If you need to replace or overhaul an old failing turbine instrument, buy our FAA approved TR-1-ITT instrument which was designed with the latest digital technology. We’re so confident you’ll love the performance, reliability and features this instrument, we offer a three month money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund.

The TR-1-ITT Instrument was designed as a replacement for existing 2″ ITT instruments. Depending on your current installation you may need to wire in aircraft power and ground. The instrument features a 210° analog arc, backlight and a dimmable, digital display. The instrument’s faceplate will be custom built to match your aircraft’s limits (red/yellow markings).

The TR-1-ITT fits into a 2″ standard round hole (MS28041-1A mount) and is 4.23″ long. It is FAA Certified to TSO: -C43c, -C44c, -C45b, -C47a, -49b, -C55a and comes with an FAA 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag.

We have a full line of turboprop instruments designed as a replacement for existing 2″ instruments. For more information Download the TR-1 Brochure. If you are looking for a single, glass panel instrument to replace all of your 2″ engine instruments take a look at our STC’d & TSO’d MVP-50T.


$985 Standard Pkg

$1,485 Premium Pkg

TR-1-ITT Replacement Instrument

Size 1.932″ Dia, 4.23″ long (Not including the connector), 2.0″ dia Bezel
Mount MS28041-1A, Two Inch Round
Weight 0.3 Lbs.
Environmental Designed and Tested to TSO, DO-160G
Software Designed and Documented to DO-178C, Level C
Minimum Performance Standards TSO‐C43c, TSO‐C44c, TSO‐C45b, TSO‐C47a, TSO‐49b, and TSO‐C55a.
Power Requirements 6.0 to 55 Volts, 0.075 Amps @ 28V (Typ), 0.05 Amps @ 14 Volts (Typ).
Communication Port RS232
Display Area Backlit for night operation. Optional Red and/or Yellow Warning Lights
Dimming Circuits Electric eye and Control Voltage Input. * Analog Pointer: 210° sweep, Backlit.
Digital Display 4 digits, -999 to 9999 (or -99.9 to 999.9) readings, Dimmable.
Data Recording 1000 Hours at 1 second per record, accessible via RS232 Port.
  • Two Open-Collector (pull-down) Pins, 0.1 Amps max, Optional.


TR-1-ITT (Standard Pkg)

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • FAA TSO’d
  • No Risk 3-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag Provided
TR-1-ITT Standard Pkg: $985

TR-1-ITT-P (Premium Pkg)

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • FAA TSO’d
  • No Risk 3-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag Provided
  • 1000+ hours of recording at 1 second per record.
  • Priority service on warranties and orders.
  • Free overnight shipping on warranties and orders.
  • Warranties handled by providing an exchange unit.
  • Custom-printed faceplates with your aircraft’s markings will be held in stock.
  • Replacement units will be held in stock.
  • Exchange the TR-1-ITT for an MVP-50T within one year and get full credit on your returned TR-1-ITT towards the purchase price of an MVP-50T.
TR-1-ITT-P Premium Pkg: $1,485

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