An Engine Monitor is only as good as its probes. That’s why Electronics International has taken the development of its probes, connectors, and wires very seriously. E.I. has been designing and manufacturing probes for over 30 years. All of our probes have been designed in-house by Ron Roberts. Ron has studied, tested and designed temperature probes since the 1970′s. He’s written research documents such as The Pilots Manual – Leaning and Diagnosing Engine Problems and Accurate CHT Measurements. If an Engine Monitor is only as good as its probes then a probe is only as good as its connector. That’s why Ron and EI’s engineering team developed EI’s proprietary OLC-1 connector. The OLC-1 connector greatly increases reliability and reduces installation errors as compared to traditional type connectors. Whether you’re looking for a reliable and accurate CHT, EGT, TIT or various other probe types, E.I. has what you need. With more than a half million probes sold and tested you can count on EI’s reliability.


Can be used in a pressure environment, 700°F