RPM Tachometer Instrument


R-1 Tachometer Overview

RPM Display

The R-1 displays an accurate RPM measurement in digital and analog format.

Quick, Yet Stable Readings

Proprietary algorithms ensure that the RPM reading is rock solid when the engine settings are stable, but with the slightest touch of the controls, the R-1 Tachometer will respond with lightning-quick rapidity. There is simply not a finer tachometer available, hands down. The R-1 is STC’d as a Primary Replacement Instrument, so you can legally replace your existing tachometer.


The R-1 is a Primary Replacement, FAA TSO’d and STC’d instrument.


R-1 Features

210 Degree Arc

The R-1 displays RPM in a 210 Degree graphical LED arc for immediate reference. Red and Yellow LED’s highlight cautionary and restricted operating ranges.

Tach Time

The R-1 keeps track of Tach Time on your engine, to .1 hours.

Flight Timer

Flight Time is recorded from takeoff to landing.

Peak RPM

For every flight, Peak RPM is stored. Simply press the “Pk” button to see the previous flight’s Peak RPM.

Mag Drop

The drop in RPM when switching from “Both” mags to “Left” or “Right” on your ignition switch is displayed on the large, crisp LCD of the R-1. For instance, if the drop is 110, the R-1 will display “-110.”

Mag Failure Alert

If a mag fails during your flight, the R-1 will alert you by intermittently cycling through the LED’s several times as you make your approach to land. Several pilots have mentioned to our support staff that this “cycling” has caught a failed mag while in flight.


R-1 Kit Details

Kit Includes

Instrument, Magneto Isolators, Wire Harness, Installation and Operating Instructions.


Stocked Item




Data Recording

Allows R-1 to download to MUX-8A




(3 1/8″ to 2 1/4″ Adaptor Plate)




(Tach Drive Cap)