M-1T Pressure/Torque Gauge

M-1T Pressure or Torque (TSO’d and PMA’d)


M-1T Pressure or Torque

(TSO’d and PMA’d)

Pressure or Torque Instrument displayed in PSI or % Torque. 210 degree graphic analog display with green, yellow and red LEDs.
Accurate digital display, 1 PSI or 1% Resolution. Readings below 10 will be displayed as 0 and no LEDs will be lit. Hysteresis between LEDs is 2 counts. M-1T connects to E.I.’s PT-100GA pressure transducer.
2 1/4” Mount, 3.65” Depth, 10 Oz. Instrument. TSO’d, PMA’d, based instrument No STC’s. Viewable in direct and indirect sunlight, Backlit, Operates from 7.5 to 30 volts at .3 amps.

Pricing and Details

Kit Includes: Instrument and wire harness (No Pressure Transducer)
Price: $895.00 Order must specify max Red line, any yellow ranges and the input pressure for a given reading on the M-1T.
Option: 5-Volt RS-232 Output for data recording (see the MUX-8A): $95.00

Add $195.00 for PT-100GA or PT-300GA pressure transducer (no OEM discount)…
Add $250.00 for DPIM-1 Differential Pressure Interface Module (No Discounts)
For reading High and Low Torque Ports. Includes one pressure transducer.