CGR-30P Twins

The CGR-30P has now been certified for twin aircraft. More information coming soon”


Main Screen


CGR-30P Main Screen

The Main Screen displays the Tachometer and Manifold Pressure in large, beautiful analog arcs at the top of the instrument. Directly below the analog arcs, the respective digital values of each function are displayed. The analog display provides pilots with immediacy and quick reference values, while the digital display gives pilots the precision to accurately monitor their engine.

For aircraft without a constant speed prop, pilots may choose to display fuel flow instead of Manifold Pressure on one of the two arcs at the top of the instrument, which will free up another location on the Main Screen for another function.

In addition to the two arcs at the top of the Main Screen, the CGR also provides pilots with a complete, Primary Replacement EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer. Each cylinder is monitored by the CGR, and if any engine temperature rises above or below programmed limits, the CGR will let you know immediately. The EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer also has a Lean-of-Peak Mode and a Rich-of-Peak Mode for easy engine leaning. The CGR will let you know as each cylinder peaks, at what temperature each cylinder peaks, and how far below each cylinder is operating once they have peaked.

To the Right of the EGT/CHT Bar Graph Analyzer, the CGR contains three STC’d, Primary Replacement engine instruments. Choose between myriad options, including Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, TIT, Volts, Fuel Level(s), Vacuum, and more.

Bar Graph



The CGR-30P comes standard with a state-of-the-art, full-color bar graph which assists with ROP/LOP leaning. Additionally, the bar graph has both “normalized” and digital readout screens. No other bar graph in the industry comes close to providing the number of options the CGR-30P offers.

ROP Mode

The Rich-of-Peak mode on the CGR-30P informs the pilot when the first cylinder peaks, as well as how many degrees below peak the engine is operating.

LOP Mode

For Lean-of-Peak Operations, the CGR-30P informs the pilot as each cylinder peaks, at what temp each peaks, and how far from peak each is. For quick reference, every cylinder’s peak information is constantly displayed and “tattletale bars” are shown above each cylinder, indicating where each cylinder peaked the last time the engine was leaned.

Normalized Mode

The Bar Graph can easily be “Normalized,” creating a baseline from which to monitor in- flight engine temperature changes. When Normalized, all of the bars start off at the same height. If any cylinder’s column is not the same height as the others, than that cylinder’s Exhaust Gas Temperature has changed in relation to the other cylinders. These changes can be critical indicators to problems occurring within your engine.

Peak Markers

While other monitors don’t maintain your engine’s leaning history, The CGR-30P’s Bar Graph keeps track of exactly where the cylinders peaked during each leaning process. When leaning, the CGR-30P displays a peak marker indicating where each cylinder peaked during the last leaning process, providing visual assistance to pilots.

Other Screens


CGR-30P: Other Screens


In addition to the “Main Screen”, the CGR-30P offers a “Secondary Screen”, a “Fuel Quantity Screen” and a “GPS Data Screen.” These additional screens give the CGR-30P flexibility not found in other engine instruments. Simply push the “S” or “Screen” button found on the front of the display to cycle between the CGR-30P’s four different screens. At any time you can push the “E” or “Exit” button to quickly return to the main screen. Any time the main screen is not being displayed you will have annunciators at the top of the screen to warn you if a primary function goes into caution or warning.

The Secondary Screen

The Secondary Screen displays the same two Primary Arcs as on the Primary Screen, plus six more instruments. One of the six instruments will be a Primary Instrument and can have redlines, while the other five of the six will simply indicate the title and value of each parameter being monitored.

For the one Primary Instrument, you can choose any Primary function that requires a redline to be monitored. For instance, pilots can choose one of the following: Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, TIT, Volts, Fuel Level(s), Vacuum, and more.

The remaining five instruments on the Secondary Page cannot be functions with redlines. For instance, some of the allowable functions include: OAT, Fuel Flow, G-Meter, Amps, Carb Temp and more. Note that for some functions on the Secondary Screen, additional charges may apply.

The Fuel Management Screen

fuel management

One of the most powerful features of the CGR is the Fuel Management Screen. The Fuel Management Screen is actually a collection of several sub-screens, all designed to help you keep tabs on how much fuel is onboard at any given time, and in which tank.

The CGR will display: Fuel Flow, Fuel Remaining for each tank, Time to Empty, Distance to Empty, Fuel, Time and Distance in Reserve, Fuel Used for the Trip, Fuel Used since Last Fill Up and more. Telling your CGR that you’ve added gas is a simple step that requires just a few clicks of a button.

In addition to the many fuel management features the CGR offers, the Fuel Management Screen also graphically represents the amount of fuel on board, for quick and easy reference.

The Fuel GPS Data Screen

Total fuel

The Fuel GPS Data Screen on the CGR-30P gives you a plethora of additional Fuel data and Fuel GPS information. This screen can display; when you need to switch tanks based off fuel flow, estimated fuel level, fuel remaining, estimated time to empty, estimated fuel used, and more!



CGR-30P Specifications

Aviation Consumer

CGR-30P – Specifications

• Dimensions
• Weight
• Environmental
• Software
• Power Requirements
• USB Port
• Display
• Backlight
• Layout
3.25” x 3.25” x 4.45” Depth
1.1 lb
TSO’d to DO-160G
TSO’d to DO-178B, Level C
7.5 to 30 Volts, 0.1 amps @ 24V (Typical), 0.2 amps @ 12 Volts (Typical)
For USB Memory Stick use only (Not intended to provide power to other electronic devices)
Active Matrix, 262, 144 colors. Sunlight readable
External Control Line and Internal Electric Eye
All CGR orders are layed out by EI’s FAA DER
CGR spec

EDC – Engine Data Converter Specifications

• Dimensions
• Weight
• Environmental
• Software
• Power Requirements
5.85” x 3.71” x 2.35” Depth
1 lb
TSO’d DO-160
TSO’d DO-178B, Level C
7.5 Volts to 30 Volts, 0.1 Amp (Typical)

CGR-30P and CGR-30C Installation Video



CGR-30P Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Below are video testimonials of real EI customers and their honest opinions of EI’s CGR-30P. Even though the CGR-30P is a new engine instrument we’ve been lucky enough to receive a tremendous amount of testimonials on the product. Use the small arrows on the left or right side of the video to cycle between different testimonials.

Customer Panel Pictures

  • 0077-img

Electronics International – Written Testimonials

Name: Don Gandy, Texas
Model: N410EK
I just wanted to let you know ho amy first cross country went with the new unit. My CHG and EGT were well within acceptable ranges. The surprising part was the amount of fuel I saved on the trip. Just being able to see the gph. As well as the hp% mixed with the CHT-EGT temp. And the leaning technique. I was able to save about 11 gallons of fuel on a 34 hour cross country. In Texas that’s almost 70 bucks right there. First trip out. Still learning and will still perfect it. But WOW.
Thanks again.
Name: Carl Olsen
Model: Scandinavian Aero – KZ VII 1947
Why did I choose EI products over the competition:
My aircraft is a 1947 KZ VII, an old-timer lady manufactured in Denmark. Round old steam gauges dress her best. I wanted a full engine monitoring 6 cylinder EGT and CHT. I have limited panel space. JPI EDM 730 was very interesting, could provide a lot of extra engine information and fit in a 3 1/8″ hole. However, it is off-set and is not flush with the instrument panel face. It could not provide dual volt and the instrument looks bulky. Another option was insight G1 or G2, but that solution would require several other engine instruments, spread over the whole panel. For a while I did not want to buy and commit my self to any panel layout. So I wanted and hoped for a better solution to show up. Then Electronics International presented their CGR-30P which could solve my predicament. Now I will get a nice traditional 6-pack panel, and below EI’s CGR-30P. The CGR-30P will provide Engine RPM and Tach Time, oil temperature and pressure, fuel pressure and flow, amps, dual volt, OAT, Local time and flight timers. Al information is just ahead of the pilot. Nice. And no instruments to the right of the radio stack. The old lady will be beautiful in and out. I am extremely happy for choosing Electronics International and their new CGR-30 product.
Name: Tom Weiss
Model: C-170
Simple operation, clean/neat unit. Priced below the JPI I was about to purchase. All questions have been answered.
Name: Gary Standhart
Model: Cessna 170 B
I liked the combination available and also being able to reduce weight by getting rid of the old instruments. So far I am happy with everything!
Name: Bradley Pattison
Model: C-172 M
Fits in a 3 1/4″ hole while providing a lot of features. Display was bright and readable. I also thought the EI support was good.
Name: James Smith
Model: Cessna 185
This was my first EI product. I liked the size and display for installation. I liked the CGR’s price compared to a competitors product.
Name: William Tucker
Model: N231KG
Well designed product. The configuration engineers were helpful during setup.
Name: Gary Isaacs
Why did I purchase the CGR-30P? The outstanding customer support was number one. Also, the CGR-30P’s color display, the multitude of features and the quality of your components sold me!
Name: Mike Gerdes
Model: PA-28-140
Everything has turned out very well.
The CGR-30P was a perfect fit for our Cherokee 140. In our configuration, having all of the engine instruments, fuel gauges and EGT/CHT instruments in one instrument saved a tremendous amount of panel space. The panel is cleaner, more efficient and with the CGR, provides more information in an easy to read and use format. We were able to panel mount a portable GPS and place other instruments/radios in convenient spaces that adds to our situation awareness when flying.
I really enjoy the digital aspects of the CGR as well. The digital tachometer is stable and easy to use, Fuel flow is very accurate and the fuel gauges are the best I’ve seen. Of course, the bar graph EGT/CHT’s with LOP and other learning/performance tools is outstanding.
I’d highly recommend the CGR-30P for anyone wanting to save panel space and enjoy the latest in technology for their aircraft.
Name: Thomas Stanley
Model: Cessna 172k Skyhawk
I have no negative feedback. The CGR is a very fine product. I like the size and the information it provides.
Name: Mike Hart
Model: Cessna 180
I just installed new cylinders and this instrument will allow me to keep a full and complete record of their temp/operating limits. I like the fact that the product was U.S. made, price point and the fuel flow calculations which were better data than crappy gauges.
Name: Brian Harman
Model: PA 28-236
The fact that your product was a certified replacement for many of my current instruments at a reasonable price point was very important. I found EI to be very easy to deal with during all phases of the process. The communication was superb!
Name: Chris Scott
Model: Mooney M20J
The CGR-30P is a good product, well packaged, nice price, great quality and EI has a nice reputation.
Name: Brandon T. Griffel
Model: PA – 18 – 180
It has allowed me the space I wanted and the combined features that can’t be found elsewhere. I don’t know why anyone would not go to this device while either building or restoring an aircraft or just plain dealing with old gauges. Not to mention the space saving’s if you are trying to fit larger avionics into small places. This gauge allowed me to make room for other priorities.
Name: Jon Vanbragt
Model: Mooney M20 J
I considered a JPI830 but your CGR-30P provides more information, costs less and is a certified replacement for my primary instruments. All in a clear display with a space friendly form factor.
Name: Ken Felix
Model: 8GCBC Scout
I selected the CGR-30P because it replaced 6 other instruments in my American Champion Scout. It is easier to read and has a nice compact size with a clean presentation.
I have used other EI products and have been happy with all of them.
Name: Dean Wheeler
Model: Mooney M20J
I appreciated the way your techs worked with me on the configuring of my CGR-30P. I also really liked the fact that so many engine parameters could be monitored on one instrument, and I could take out some outdated gauges from my instrument panel.
Name: Jonathan Kline
Model: 8KCAB
The installation guide/checklist are spot on and were very helpful. I like the products reliability and price point.
Name: Doug Howe
Model: Cessna Cardinal 177-B
I actually flew to Oshkosh to purchase a competing product. When I talked with them they didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Your people did care and I believed they would support the product. After I purchased the product I had a few questions during installation. Every question I had was answered promptly. Your staff is friendly and a joy to work with.
Name: Richard Fahrow
Model: Mooney M20J
Customer service was ALWAYS outstanding. Informative and polite. Production “rushed” my order to align with engine overhaul. EI’s been great to deal with! I was also very happy with the ease of the CGR’s installation.
Name: Stephen Hudson
Model: Pitts S2-A
I choose the CGR-30P because I was confident in the answers I received pre-sales. I was absolutely thrilled by the excellent service prior to purchase. This service showed how professional and knowledageble you r team are. You have won me over and I am now a strong advocate for EI.
Name: Gary Standhart
Model: Cessna 170B
I installed the CGR-30P in my Cessna 170B and am very happy with it. Thanks for the great instrument and customer support.
Name: Steve Pierce
Model: Super Cub
The CGR-30P works great in a panel without much real estate.

Pricing and options

Basic CGR-30P


  • 3 1/8 flush mount
  • Sunlight viewable color display
  • Four screens
  • Advanced Bar Graph
  • Fuel management
  • Up to 4 primary functions
  • Up to 5 non primary functions
4 Cylinder $3,596
6 Cylinder $4,342

Dealers for CGR-30P Basic

Sarasota Avionics
View 4Cyl. Package
View 6Cyl. Package

Aircraft Spruce
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Premium CGR-30P


  • 3 1/8 flush mount
  • Sunlight viewable color display
  • Four screens
  • Advanced Bar Graph
  • Fuel management
  • RPM
  • EGT
  • CHT
  • Fuel Flow
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Fuel Used
  • Volts
  • OAT
  • Tach Time
  • Local Time
  • Zulu Time
  • Flight Time
  • Engine Time
4 Cylinder $4,217
6 Cylinder $4,714

Dealers for CGR-30P Premium

Sarasota Avionics
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View 6Cyl. Package

Aircraft Spruce
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CGR-30P Twins

The CGR-30P has now been certified for twin aircraft. More information coming soon”