CGR-30P: Other Screens


In addition to the “Main Screen”, the CGR-30P offers a “Secondary Screen”, a “Fuel Quantity Screen” and a “GPS Data Screen.” These additional screens give the CGR-30P flexibility not found in other engine instruments. Simply push the “S” or “Screen” button found on the front of the display to cycle between the CGR-30P’s four different screens. At any time you can push the “E” or “Exit” button to quickly return to the main screen. Any time the main screen is not being displayed you will have annunciators at the top of the screen to warn you if a primary function goes into caution or warning.

The Secondary Screen

The Secondary Screen displays the same two Primary Arcs as on the Primary Screen, plus six more instruments. One of the six instruments will be a Primary Instrument and can have redlines, while the other five of the six will simply indicate the title and value of each parameter being monitored.

For the one Primary Instrument, you can choose any Primary function that requires a redline to be monitored. For instance, pilots can choose one of the following: Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, TIT, Volts, Fuel Level(s), Vacuum, and more.

The remaining five instruments on the Secondary Page cannot be functions with redlines. For instance, some of the allowable functions include: OAT, Fuel Flow, G-Meter, Amps, Carb Temp and more. Note that for some functions on the Secondary Screen, additional charges may apply.

The Fuel Management Screen

fuel management

One of the most powerful features of the CGR is the Fuel Management Screen. The Fuel Management Screen is actually a collection of several sub-screens, all designed to help you keep tabs on how much fuel is onboard at any given time, and in which tank.

The CGR will display: Fuel Flow, Fuel Remaining for each tank, Time to Empty, Distance to Empty, Fuel, Time and Distance in Reserve, Fuel Used for the Trip, Fuel Used since Last Fill Up and more. Telling your CGR that you’ve added gas is a simple step that requires just a few clicks of a button.

In addition to the many fuel management features the CGR offers, the Fuel Management Screen also graphically represents the amount of fuel on board, for quick and easy reference.

The Fuel GPS Data Screen

Total fuel

The Fuel GPS Data Screen on the CGR-30P gives you a plethora of additional Fuel data and Fuel GPS information. This screen can display; when you need to switch tanks based off fuel flow, estimated fuel level, fuel remaining, estimated time to empty, estimated fuel used, and more!