EC-1 EGT/CHT Instrument




Precise & Stable

One Degree Resolution

Monitor Two Channels

  • Provides one channel of EGT and one channel of CGT.
  • Can be upgraded to a full analyzer by adding an E.I. Remote Switch kit.

Budget Friendly

  • Same precision found in the most advanced analyzers on the market, but won't break the bank.

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • LCD sunlight viewable and backlit for night operation.
  • Designed and built in the USA.

Engine Leaning Feature

Precision Leaning

  • Unique stable display allows precise leaning to peak EGT or specific temperature below peak.

EGT and CHT Diagnostics

  • Valuable tool in troubleshooting EGT or CGT by providing early detection of potential engine problems.

Leaning Overview


Included : EC-1 Instrument, P-110 EGT Probe, P-100 CHT Probe, 8’ Thermocouple Extension Cable x 2, Overlap Connectors, Wire Harness, Installation/Operating Instructions, STC/AML.
Price : $429 Add to Cart
Lead Time : Usually Ships within 2-3 Business Days


Dimensions : Standard 2 1/4” Flush Mount, Case Size: 2.50” x 2.50” x 3.65” Deep Panel Hole Template
Weight : 7 oz
Power Requirements : 7.5 to 35 Volts, 1/10 Amp
Display : Viewable in Direct Sunlight
Backlight : Fully Backlit, Dimmable for Night Flights
Certifications : FAA TSO'd, STC'd Review STC & AML
EC-1 Image

Reliable Probes

An Engine Monitor is only as good as its probes. That’s why Electronics International (EI) has taken the development of its probes, connectors, and accessories very seriously. EI has been designing and manufacturing probes for over 30 years. All of our probes have been designed in-house by our engineering team. Our team has studied, tested and designed temperature probes since the 1970′s. They have written research documents such as The Pilots Manual – Leaning and Diagnosing Engine Problems and Accurate CHT Measurements. Just as an Engine Monitor is only as good as its probes, a probe is only as good as its connector. That’s why EI’s engineering team developed EI’s proprietary OLC-1 connector. The OLC-1 connector greatly increases reliability and reduces installation errors as compared to traditional type connectors. Whether you’re looking for a reliable and accurate CHT, EGT, TIT or various other probe types, EI has what you need. With more than a half million probes sold and tested you can count on EI’s reliability.

The EC-1 kit includes one (1) P-110F Fast Response EGT Probe and one (1) P-100 CHT Probe.