General Downloads

Instrument Downloads

VA-1A: Voltammeter

US-8A: Sixteen Channel Digital Engine Analyzer

UBG-16: Ultimate Bar Graph

TurboProp Instruments

SR-8A: Eight Channel Digital Engine Analyzer

SC-5 Clocks

RS: Remote Switches

R-1: Tachometer

OPT-1: Oil Pressure and Temperature

MVP-50T: TurboProp Engine Monitor

MVP-50P: Piston Engine Monitor

MUX-8A: Data Recorder

M-1: Manifold Instrument

FP-5(L): Fuel Flow & Pressure Instruments

FM: Function Modules

FL-1 - FL-2: Fuel Level Instruments

EC Line (Single & Multi-Channel EGT/CHT/OAT/TIT/Carb Temp)

CGR-30P: 3 1/8" Engine Monitor

CGR-30C: Cluster Gauge Replacement

ASC-5A Clocks

Probes and Accessories

USB Smart Charger

Temperature Probes

Pressure Transducers

Overlap Connectors

Other Downloads

Fuel Flow Transducers

External Warning Devices

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