UBG-16 Data Recording

The MUX-8A

Every UBG-16 package comes standard with the MUX-8A Data Recorder, for no additional charge. The MUX-8A receives information from the UBG-16 and stores each flight in a date and time stamped, comma-delimited format. The MUX-8A can be setup to record data every one minute, three minutes, six minutes, or it can be put it into the “Burst Mode” to record information as quickly as possible (usually every five to six seconds). Data files downloaded from the MUX-8A are compatible for viewing on EGView software, or can be easily viewed in a charting program such as Excel.


EGView is the de facto software for reviewing flight information in an easy, powerful format. This software automatically formats your UBG-16 data files, creating spreadsheets that seperate engine temperatures, pressures and other monitored functions into different graphs and colors.

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