The MVP-50P is a state-of-the-art Glass Panel Engine Monitor that provides most of the engine and system instruments found in an aircraft panel.Each of the instruments displayed on the MVP’s Main Screen provides features not found in most multifunctional displays or traditional gauges.Aircraft panels equipped with individual instruments require a pilot to scan and interpret a multitude of gauges spread across an entire instrument panel.The MVP-50P provides a single location for viewing the engine and many aircraft system instruments.

One of the most valuable features of the MVP-50T is its ability to alert the pilot the moment an engine or aircraft system function reaches a caution or warning area of operation.The color of the digital display represents the area of operation. If all the engine and aircraft parameters are operating within acceptable ranges,all the digits in the digital displays will be shown in green. If a function drops into a warning or caution operating range, the digital display will be shown in red or yellow, as appropriate.

In addition, the digits will blink and an external caution or warning light will also blink.The MVP-50T was designed to reduce the need to constantly scan and interpret engine instruments.The moment a problem occurs the pilot is notified.This allows the pilot to deal with a problem long before engine damage occurs,giving the pilot options he otherwise may not have.

N1 and N2

The RPM’s are displayed in large, bright, crisp digits as well as in a 270 degree graphic arc, so you can simultaneously monitor RPM at a glance and with precision accuracy. Wires from the EDC-33T wire harness connect to the outputs of the Tach Generators.


The MVP-50 provides pilots with precision digital torque readings, along with a 270′ graphic arc, so pilots can determine at a glance where the Torque is currently, and can likewise see within 1% the current Torque reading.


During startup, the ITT readings must be kept under redline to avoid costly damage to the engine stator fans. The MVP-50T keeps a close watch on the ITT during all engine operations, and provides pilots with precision accuracy along with a graphical arc for immediate visual reference.

Engine Pressures

The MVP-50T watches over Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure, and displays both in digital and strip gauge formats for quick and accurate reference.

Fuel Flow

The main screeen constantly displays the current fuel flow, accurate to .1 gph, in both digital and strip gauge formats. Proprietary algorithms allow rapid response to engine adjustments without irritating, jumpy readings.

Fuel Levels

The MVP-50T can monitor several fuel levels, but two main fuel levels are constantly displayed on the Main Screen in digital and strip gauge formats for quick and accurate reference.

Electrical System

The precise resolution of .1 volts and .1 amps allows you to accurately monitor and manage the load on your aircraft electrical system and the health of your battery.


Select from Up Timers, Down Timers, Flight Time and Clocks.

Redlines & Operating Ranges

Regardless of the parameter you monitor with the MVP-50P, the operating ranges are completely programmable. The MVP-50 will alert you via visual and/or audible alarms when a parameter exceeds the programmed limits.

Annunciator Panel

The MVP-50T boasts a customizable panel of annunciators that are constantly viewable on the Main Screen. This way, if a baggage door is open, pitot heat is on, or any other parameter needing to be monitored reaches or exceeds a redline, the pilot will be notified immediately of the condition.

Choose Your Functions

Several different functions are available, including Gyro Vacuum, Flaps, Hydraulic Pressure, Pressure Altitude, Airspeed, virtually any temperature or pressure, plus more! Or, add an additional voltage or amps to monitor a secondary bus. The MVP-50T even allows you to create and name your own functions. The options are nearly limitless.

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