The MVP-50 records each flight, which allows you to perform post-flight analysis on the engine and system parameters of your aircraft. When you decide to review the flights, simply download them via the USB port and upload them to your computer. Either view them in EGView, or look at the numbers in a number-crunching program such as Excel.

Flight Logs

Each flight has a Flight Log assigned to it, which contains the flight in its entirity. The MVP-50 permits you to adjust how often data is stored, so it is possible to record parameters as often as three times per second to as little as once per six minutes. Each Flight Log is also time and date stamped for easy identification, so you don’t need to remember which flight is which when scrolling through your Flight Log history.

Min/Max Logs

If you don’t want to anlyze an entire flight, simply review the minimum and maximum flight logs stored in the MVP-50. These logs are a simple history of the maximum and minimum parameters reached during specific flights. These logs are stamped with the same flight number as their corresponding flight log, so if you decide to analyze the entire flight, you can easily identify it by its number.